Trainee Success Story: Onofre Monge Amaya

Dr. Onofre Monge AmayaDr. Onofre Monge Amaya, former Dean Carter Binational Center training student, has recently published a book with Lambert Academic Publishing entitled “Biosorption of copper using aerobic bacteria immobilized in zeolite. Isolation, characteristics, selection of microorganisms and kinetics of biosorption.”  During her stay at the University of Arizona, she received training in the laboratory of Drs. Reyes Sierra and James Field.  Her research focused on bioremediation of contaminated sites with heavy metals in the Mexican state of Sonora.

She is currently a professor and investigator at the University of Sonora, Department of Chemical and Metallurgy Engineering.  For the past five years, Onofre has been working is the Mexican portion of the Upper San Pedro River Basin.  Here she is testing the effectiveness of utilizing naturally occurring bacteria to absorb copper as well as other metals.  Her goal is to increase the application of sustainable technologies in order to decrease the impact to the environment. 

Please join the University of Arizona Dean Carter Binational Center and the Superfund Research Program in congratulating Onofre on her recent achievements.